Monday, May 25, 2009

Mac keyboard combinations on a Windows keyboard

I recently bought a Mac mini and a Belkin KVM switch, which enables me to use my existing monitor, keyboard and mouse with both my current Windows PC and my new Mac mini. There are however quite a few characters I couldn’t find when using the Windows keyboard on Mac, so I will use this thread to remember them. Thanks to Allan for supplying many of the keystrokes for a Windows keyboard with Danish layout.

  1. Commercial at @ : ALT Gr-* (just ALT-* in some applications)

  2. Pipe | : ALT-i

  3. Left brace { : SHIFT-ALT-8

  4. Right brace } : SHIFT-ALT-9

  5. Apple Command Key: Windows Key

  6. Less than < : §

  7. Greater than > : SHIFT-§

  8. Copy : Windows Key-C

  9. Cut : Windows Key-X

  10. Paste : Windows Key-V

  11. Quit Application : Windows Key-Q

  12. Dollar $ : <

  13. Euro € : SHIFT-4

  14. Backslash \ : SHIFT-ALT-7

I also found this article, which suggests a software solution to the problem. When I get a Mac keyboard, I should study this. The layout of a Mac keyboard can also be useful.

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