Friday, February 5, 2016

Unexpected EOF in prolog when starting Oracle® WebLogic AdminServer

The problem

The Oracle® WebLogic AdminServer has started up and reached RUNNING state, but I have the habit of checking the AdminServer.out file after startup, and today I saw the following error:

<Error> <Default> <J2EE JMX-47001> <A JAXB error occurred during unmarshalling of "usermessagingconfig.xml".
 - with linked exception:
[Exception [EclipseLink-25004] (Eclipse Persistence Services - 2.5.2.v20140319-9ad6abd): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.XMLMarshalException
Exception Description: An error occurred unmarshalling the document
Internal Exception: com.ctc.wstx.exc.WstxEOFException: Unexpected EOF in prolog
 at [row,col {unknown-source}]: [1,0]]
        at org.eclipse.persistence.jaxb.JAXBUnmarshaller.handleXMLMarshalException(
        at org.eclipse.persistence.jaxb.JAXBUnmarshaller.unmarshal(
        at org.eclipse.persistence.jaxb.JAXBUnmarshaller.unmarshal(
        at Method)
Caused By: Exception [EclipseLink-25004] (Eclipse Persistence Services - 2.5.2.v20140319-9ad6abd): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.XMLMarshalException

The cause

The usermessagingconfig.xml in question was located in $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/usermessagingconfig.xml

ls -l $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/usermessagingconfig.xml confirmed that the file had not been update since the 9th of September 2015, but then again this WebLogic server had been running for several months before I restarted it today. This is a sandbox server so it is used very infrequently.

ls -l $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/usermessagingconfig.xml also showed me that the size was 0 bytes. 

I remembered that the mount point where WebLogic stores its domain configuration files ran out of disk space in September last year. At that time it corrupted the EmbeddedLDAP folder, but after clearing the log files and re-creating the EmbeddedLDAP, WebLogic was started up again. In hindsight I realize that the same error with usermessagingconfig.xml must have been in AdminServer.out back then as well, but I obviously failed to notice it at the time. 

The solution

I added the following to $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/usermessagingconfig.xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<MessagingConfiguration xmlns=""
                        xsi:schemaLocation=" ../config.xsd" version="">



Then restarted the AdminServer, and the error was gone.

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