Thursday, April 28, 2016

RDA-10913: Unknown profile "FM12c_SoaMin" when running Remote Diagnostic Agent on Oracle® SOA Suite 12.1.3

The problem

You are trying to collect information about the Oracle® SOA Suite 12.1.3 using the Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA), but it fails with a RDA-10913: Unknown profile "FM12c_SoaMin" error, like shown below:

source $DOMAIN_HOME/bin/
cd ../oracle_common/rda
./ -s soa_issue -p FM12c_SoaMin

RDA-00013: Error reported by the command "setup":
 RDA-00014: Request error "Setup":
  RDA-10913: Unknown profile "FM12c_SoaMin"

The cause

There is something wrong with the RDA supplied with  Oracle® SOA Suite 12.1.3, and this is how I discovered that:

The command ./ -V told me I was running RDA 8.02, which looked fine.

By reading the full output from ./ -V I could also see that the required modules where installed, according to Oracle Support Doc ID 391983.1.

Using ./ -h told me which options RDA is accepting, And in particular I noted the -L flag:
-L     List the available modules, profiles, and conversion groups

./ -L | grep Soa
  FM11g_Soa                        Oracle SOA Suite 11g problems
  FM11g_SoaMin                     Oracle SOA Suite 11g problems (minimum)

As you can see, the RDA shipped with Oracle® SOA Suite 12.1.3 was only supporting Oracle® SOA Suite 11g diagnostics.

The solution

  1. Downloaded the latest version of the RDA tool for Oracle® Fusion Middleware. At the time of writing this, the patch number was 22783073.
  2. Used opatch apply to install the patch I just downloaded.
  3. Verified which SOA profiles were now available by running:
    ./ -L | grep Soa
    OFM_SoaMax                       OFM SOA Suite problems (11g/12c+) : full
    OFM_SoaMin                       OFM SOA Suite problems (11g/12c+) : minimum

  4. Ran the RDA with the new module for Oracle® SOA Suite 11g and 12c:
    ./ -s soa_issue -p OFM_SoaMin

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