Monday, October 10, 2016

Oracle® XE Configuration Assistant hangs on Fedora Linux in VirtualBox 5

The problem

I was installing Oracle® XE on Fedora Linux 23 on Oracle® VirtualBox. I noticed that the database configuration assistant was just hanging forever on my desktop PC with an AMD CPU. I was not able to reproduce the same issue on a desktop PC with an Intel CPU.

The cause

I have previously encountered a similar problem with Oracle® 12c Database Configuration Assistant that hangs on Oracle® Linux 7 in VirtualBox 5, and it turned out that the solution was the same for this issue.

The solution

I found the culprit to be the Paravirtualization Interface for acceleration. Changing that from Default to None fixed the issue.

The above screen dumps were made on a virtual session for Centos 7, but it is the same workaround for Fedora Linux and Oracle® Linux running in VirtualBox too.

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